Quality 25 years strong!

We purchase the best equipment to protect our beer

Our canning line is second to none in the world.  This investment in our quality allows our beers to be canned to perfection.  We work very hard to brew the best beer and ensure it is canned correctly with our beautiful canning line from Germany.  You can count on our canned beer!

Brewing the best beer requires attention to detail from grain, hops, and yeast to the can or keg.  We use lab analysis for our natural ingredients, grain, hops, and yeast to determine if they are of the best quality.  We use precise lab equipment, DO meters, CO2 testers, and PH meters.



2nd Generation-Family Run

         Craft Brewery!

       brewing, tasting room, and artwork 


Rock Art is a family-run brewery.  Matt began the brewery before our family even started.  Now both of our sons are working with us, as well as a few other amazing people.  

Matt is the man behind the brewery.  He followed his passion for brewing and creating by opening a brewing supply store for a few years at our house then moved into a full 7-barrel brewery.  He is still constantly creating and building. Lately, he has been building his own RC planes and 4-wheeling in his jeep.

Cody is much like his dad and enjoys creating things right through to the finish.  He also has a bit of me in him and enjoys visiting with people in the tasting room.  He will often join me when he has a minute to help, especially when we have groups come through.  It is a great chance for people to ask questions about the brewing process.

Dylan is also like his dad and is incredibly creative.  He is designing our new fun beer labels.  You can also find his graphics and pottery for sale in the art gallery.

UPDATE May 2021:  We are so proud of Dylan.  He has graduated with a BFA in Ceramics and has joined us in the tasting room and art gallery.

Renée (that’s me) loves sharing the creativity of others.  Our tasting room and art gallery are great places to taste our beers and see some incredible work from local artists.  

Pictured are Matt, Cody, and Renée while on a field trip to Champlain Valley Hops.


Solar Power!

Since 2017 our brewery electricity is SOLAR POWERED!

We believe in taking care of our planet.  The brewery’s success over two decades has allowed us to purchase a solar system to run our brewery.  It is with great pride we are able to reduce our footprint on this planet.  You can also take pride in knowing your beer of choice is one of the leaders in reducing environmental impacts,

The sun is an amazing energy source that we have been able to harness for good use.  We are proud of our low water use, our aggressive recycling, and reuse / 2nd use when possible.  Every day we enjoy the fact that we are minimizing our impact on our family, friends, and neighbors.